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History is Happening Today

Together we have faced a year that will be looked back on as a monumental time in history. Civil rights demonstrations, the COVID-19 pandemic, an unforgettable election year, the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, and more, have made the story of 2020 one to remember.


These events will always hold a place in our minds, but the Stearns History Museum works to collect and protect photographs, stories, and artifacts so they are never lost in the past.

Your donations will help us PRESERVE the stories of history as they happen.

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Help Us Preserve MILESTONES

Celebrating 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage

OUR COLLECTION HOLDS PHOTOGRAPHS, like the one of Mrs. Clara Taylor, (age 90) voting at St. Cloud Teachers College in the 1948 general election. Mrs. Taylor, a previous resident of Washington, D.C., had not been permitted to vote until she moved to Minnesota.

HELP US PRESERVE TODAY’S PHOTOGRAPHS, like Kimberly Van Dusen holding her official Absentee Ballot application for the 2020 general election in St. Cloud.

Help Us Preserve MOVEMENTS

Civil Rights Demonstrations

OUR COLLECTION HOLDS PHOTOGRAPHS like the Saint John’s University student protest, Collegeville, November 1970.

HELP US PRESERVE NEW PHOTOGRAPHS, like the ROCORI high school student protest, Cold Spring, July 28, 2020.

Help Us Preserve MOMENTS


OUR COLLECTION HOLDS ARTIFACTS, like the election artifacts from national and statewide campaigns, 1890-1996.

HELP US PRESERVE… ARTIFACTS & PHOTOGRAPHS, like the national and state election yard signs, shown here in downtown St. Cloud, September 2020.

Help Us Keep Preserving Today’s Stories for Tomorrow’s History

We want to remember, research, and learn from the stories of today. THANK YOU in advance for helping us preserve them.