Connecting people through the power of history and culture


Stearns History Museum is as committed as ever to our mission, connecting people through the power of history and culture, and to our vision. We continue to serve you, even if our delivery is different than it was nine months ago.

We preserve history by collecting artifacts, stories, photographs, and more. As a museum, collections are at the core of what we do. We have over 1,400 linear feet of archival material and over 30,000 artifacts in our collection. These pieces tell your stories, highlight important community moments, and help us understand how the past and present are connected. Our work doesn’t stop, even in a pandemic or election year.

We engage by providing a safe, healthy, comfortable place where members, visitors, and friends can gather, remember, explore, and learn. We are open; please come in! We accept appointments to ensure you can come when you want, visit safely with your family, and not feel crowded. You may enjoy the research center, exhibit galleries, or shop for a unique holiday gift. Hosting a small gathering or meeting is also a possibility. We do hope you will stop in to see us soon.

We strive to inspire by planning engaging programs and exhibits for a future in-person visit, even though that future is a bit uncertain. We deliver online content on various subjects to keep you connected when we can’t all be together. You may see most of this content through our social media channels.

We thrive by using our time and financial resources effectively to complete various capital projects, upgrade the air quality system, improve building security, refreshing meeting and exhibit spaces, and plant new landscaping. Our beloved fountain was back for one big splash before cold weather put it to sleep for the winter. Next summer, the Splash! will be back.

In this year of uncertainty for many, history is more important than ever. History provides perspective, can offer suggestions on how to respond to an event, or give one a sense of how concise one year is.

Our annual fund campaign began in October. If you love history, please support us with a gift. Any amount will help.

I hope as you celebrate the winter holiday season, you find peace, happiness, and hope as we look forward to 2021.


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