Connecting people through the power of history and culture

The Whippersnapper Hour is a new monthly program for children, ages 7-12. It will be held on the third Saturday of each month, now through May. This fun program takes a hands-on approach to learning history.

Cost:  Same as the Museum Cost of Admission for Children (free for members)

Upcoming Topics:

January 18- Technology of Yesteryear
Children will see how people in different time periods listened to music, watched television, talked on the phone, took photographs, and more!

February 15- Toys Through the Years
Children will learn how children of different time periods entertained themselves.  We will have pioneer toys and games, games enjoyed by Native American children, and more.

March 20- Reading the Past
Children will work with old photographs, letters, and other historic documents in order to take a closer look at history as it happened. 

April 18-  Tell Your Story with a Bandolier Bag
Children will learn a bit about Ojibwe culture and history, and will be able to tell their own story with their own Bandolier Bag that they can take home.

May 16- Kids on the Homefront
Children travel back in time to the 1940s and put on a radio adventure program to keep the morale at home high!