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Celebrating Remarkable Women 1856 – 2008
Unfortunately, history does not always recognize women for their accomplishments. This exhibit, however, recognizes and celebrates women as role models from the area who have made the lives of all women and girls better. Many suffered as they met the challenges pioneers ultimately must face in leadership roles, others did what they did without thinking they were pioneers.  A committee of artists, writers, historians, and advisors under project director, Denise Gagner, selected those women who met this criteria.  Fifteen categories were chosen.  Many of the women were first in their fields, others were chosen for their leadership, their perseverance, and their contribution to the history and the betterment of life in the area.

This photographic and story exhibit celebrates the accomplishments of women from the St. Cloud area from the past and the present who were pioneers in their respective fields. These women have made an impact on St. Cloud’s history. Their lives have affected our history and who we are today.

Click on the topic below to read about remarkable women from Stearns County.

  1. Education
  2. Diversity
  3. Homemaker
  4. Arts
  5. Journalism
  6. Business
  7. Government
  8. Military
  9. Philanthropy
  10. Law
  11. Medicine
  12. Law Enforcement
  13. Agriculture

Denise Gagner – photography.  Lori Gnahn — charcoal drawings.

Writers: Marilyn Salzl Brinkman, Janice Wedl, OSB, Gena Hiemenz, Mary MacDonnell Belisle, Barb Carlson, and Bill Morgan

The committee: Bill Morgan, Marilyn Salzl Brinkman, Janice Wedl, OSB, Mary MacDonnell Belisle, Gena Hiemenz, Barb Carlson, Goldeneye Framing, Maria Goble, Ann Meline, Sarah Warmka, and Paul Rynd.