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In June of each year the Stearns History Museum will honor Stearns County families by designating their farms as Century Farms with the installation of commemorative markers. The Museum’s Century Farm program recognizes the long history of Stearns County farmers as stewards of the land and the tradition of passing down a way of life to family members.

Begun in 1978 as a local spinoff of the Minnesota State Fair/The Farmer Magazine program, this award recognizes and honors farm families that have owned at least 50 acres continuously for 100 or more years.

We acknowledge Stearns County Parks, Stearns County Highway Deportment, and the Sentenced to Serve program.  They have played integral roles in the success of this program.

If your family’s farm is eligible, or if you have any questions please contact John Decker or call (320)253-8424. There is no direct cost to an applicant of this program.

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